OneDev – Out-of-box CI/CD capability with docker


OneDev Docker First Kubernetes Native Build Farm

OneDev is Out-of-box CI/CD capability with docker. Trivial to scale up to run massive jobs as pods in Kubernetes. Transparent support for Linux and Windows containers.

OneDev Job Executer

Effortless Agent Based Build Farm

In case you do not have Kubernetes clusters or want to run CI/CD jobs outside docker, agents can be installed on remote machines to set up your build farm. OneDev server will push updates to agents automatically to make agent maintenance effortless.

OneDev agents -

Set up CI/CD in a Breeze

CI/CD configuration is defined in a yaml file together with your code, and OneDev provides a GUI to generate the file without any learning curve.

OneDev - build-spec -

Flexible Build Workflow and Pipeline

Conditional build parameters. Create matrix builds by combining different parameters. Connect jobs to create pipelines. Run jobs concurrently to speed up processing. Run jobs automatically upon certain events, or manually by authorized users

OneDev - Build Workflow

Custom Issue States and Fields

Add custom issue states and fields. Configure field dependencies. Transit issue state automatically upon certain events, or manually by authorized users

OneDev - Custom Issue -

Auto-Refreshing Issue Boards

Define issue boards to show issues in columns based on values of specified field. Perform issue operations without leaving the board. Refresh board automatically to reflect most recent issue state.

Issue Boards

Code Intelligence

Symbol search and navigation in source code and diff. Outline display and search. Works for every commit. Currently supports Java, JavaScript, C, C++, CSharp, Go, PHP, Python, CSS, SCSS, LESS and R.

Symbol Search

Code Discussions and Comprehensions

Instant and lightweight code discussions on code and diff blocks without creating pull requests. Discussions stay with the code to help code comprehension even if file is changed or renamed.

Code Comments

Flexible Pull Request Review Policies

Enforce pull request review with branch protections. Specify required reviewers and builds for desired file patterns.

Branch Protection

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